Add DogeHODL to your wallet and receive DogeCoin automatically every 30 minutes.

Doge Rewards

Receive DogeCoin in your wallet every 30 minutes automatically. There is a 10% tax on transaction that goes straight to rewarding holders with Doge.

Big Buybacks

Not only do you receive Doge. With a 5% tax, we have also build into that contract a buyback mechanism, that helps to remove any big dip.

What is DogeHODL?

DogeHODL is the ultimate token on the Binance Smart Chain. It combines two amazing features; Auto rewards and buybacks. DogeHODL generates insane cashback in DogeCoin. The more DogeHODL you own the more DogeCoin you will receive. The best part is the Doge gets added automatically to your wallet every 30minutes! The other feature is the Buyback, which is a wallet that loads up on BNB and then buys more DogeHODL to increase the value.